Product: CNC Turning Centers


The POWER MASTER N Universal CNC Turning Center is designed for heavy duty cutting of large-diameter, long shaft work pieces. The machine features a flat-bed construction for easy access and chip flow.

Plus, the machine offers various spindle bore diameters ranging from 4.64" up to 14.76" for large diameter pipe and shaft work pieces. The front turning turret and the rear boring turret offer part processing flexibility and other turret configurations are also possible.


  • High Torque, geared headstock for heavy-duty cutting
  • Variety of spindle bore diameters available
  • Flat-bed design
  • Bed lengths to 240" for extremely long work pieces
  • Universal-type machine
  • Octagonal disc (Front) and hexagonal (rear) boring turret types

Machine Specifications

Specification Bed Length - 3000U mm Bed Length - 4000U mm
Capacity Maximum Swing 870 mm / 34.00 in870 mm / 34.00 in
Maximum Machining Diameter 840 mm / 33.000 in840 mm / 33.000 in
Maximum Machining Length 2985 mm / 117.510 in4005 mm / 157.670 in
Main Spindle Maximum Speed 1200 rpm 1200 rpm
Turret (Upper) Number of Tools 14 14
Feed Axes Travel (X Axis) 670 mm / 26.38 in670 mm / 26.38 in
Travel (Z Axis) 3075 mm / 121.06 in4095 mm / 161.22 in