The worldwide semiconductor industry continues to expand production

Today, the demand for smart phones, data servers, automobiles, IoT technology and AI is continuously increasing. This is causing a boom in the semiconductor industry , with increasing demands for semiconductor and FPD (Flat Panel Display) manufacturing equipment.Since the demand for NAND type flash memory, which is replacing hard disks as large storage memory, is rapidly growing,it is expected that investment for the mass production of the next generation type - 3D NAND type memory will be even higher. Additionally, investment for volume production of Organic Electro-Luminescence will certainly increase because of the growing demand for Organic Electro-Luminescence, the new FPD System, which will replace the current LC panel.

Mazak has accumulated extensive experience in their production of multi-tasking machines and process integration. For example, our 5-axis and multi-tasking machines are designed for process integration in the production of round stainless components and machining aluminum components which are often required for semiconductor manufacturing equipment. We provide the semiconductor industry not only process integration but also man power saving /automation/ unmanned operation solutions.

Manufacturing processes and components

High accuracy, high productivity double column machining series FJV-250

Compact multi-tasking machine for bar material machining
INTEGREX i-100 BARTAC series

High speed, high accuracy horizontal machining center
HCN series

CNC turning center with compact robot system for ease of operation

Machining center with MPP for unmanned operation

5-axis Horizontal Machining Center for complex machining HCR-5000S


Manufacturing processes and components